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News feed (updated regularly)

News feed (updated regularly)

Want to know the latest goings on at Bushtracker? Make sure you check back here on a regular basis to stay in the loop.

04/04/2019: Bushtracker: Real Caravans for the Outback

03/04/2019: Flashback from 2004… Some of our proud tradesmen demonstrating the strength of our aluminium frames.

02/04/2019: Behind the scenes… Head to Instagram for another shot of this van –

01/04/2019: Box section aluminium roof framing. Why? Because Bushtrackers are designed to last a lifetime.
Fully welded, structurally fastened and bonded to the body. 50-75mm thick

28/03/2019: Congratulations to Alf & Vicki who picked up their new 19 foot Bushtracker today 🎉

27/03/2019: What a beauty!

26/03/2019: Your Bushtracker looks awesome Rudy. Enjoy your new van! 🎉

26/03/2019: We’ve really enjoyed following the family adventures of Justin & Selina as they explore Australia in their Bushtracker!

25/03/2019: Did you get away on the weekend?

22/03/2019: Looking for a family van this Easter? Available for immediate delivery.

22/03/2019: We delivered our third new 21′ Bushtracker this week. Congratulations guys! Have a wonderful weekend 🎉😃

21/03/2019: Come with us for a short 2 minute walkthrough of the Bushtracker facility where we custom build the amazing Bushtracker caravans

20/03/2019: Another 21′ Bushtracker being picked up today. Just getting its final detailing before the clients arrive

19/03/2019: 21′ Bushtracker – brief walk through

15/03/2019: Be sure to follow the family adventures of Brent & Gemma as they travel Australia in their 14 year old Bushtracker.
“We absolutely love our home on wheels & get a lot of attention wherever we go.” – Truck.Travel.Life

14/03/2019: “I myself have been 20 years in the game, these guys (Bushtracker) a bit longer. And this brand, I know even from my younger days, were always the ones that were the top end quality… Unfortunately, in our game sometimes there are sharks out there who are just trying to get your coin, and putting a B-grade product out. These guys aren’t that. So, if you’re really after a proper, custom design caravan that you want built, these are the guys to talk to.” – Ron Stafford (RV Warehouse)

12/03/2019: Custom designed outdoor kitchens are available on all Bushtrackers from 14 – 24 foot.
This 17′ Bushtracker Compact is being picked up today w/ Baby Q from Weber Grills