Why Us?

Custom interior and exterior design


You are limited only by your imagination when it comes to custom designing your new Bushtracker. We offer a multitude of colours, elegant finishes, textures, ultra-modern lighting and audio accessories. This is your home so we let you choose how you would like it to look, feel and sound. The scope of choices available include, but are not limited to:


Vinyl flooring choices
Cupboard door and drawer sizes, elevations and colours
Lighting arrays internally and externally
A multitude of accessories and appliances such as fridge’s, air conditioners & heaters
Audio and visual choices
Upholstery choices – colour, leather or fabric
Various external cladding choices ranging from traditional white or silver aluminium through to the clean and modern
fiberglass skin (thicker than industry standard of course), all bonded and fastened to our unbeatable aluminium frame
Checker plate aluminium body armour in a polished silver finish or polyurethane ‘Raptor’ coated for even greater protection.

Why Us


Built to Last


Experienced customers have discovered that Bushtracker does not aim for the biggest, only the best. We employ over 15 different areas of engineering that no other competitor offers. No aspect is lacking in quality.

Our caravans feature:

  • Rugged, fully engineered off-road chassis with military grade, load-sharing suspension
  • Fully welded, four-sided, box aluminium wall frames made to aircraft grade, rot-proof, and by far the most superior frames in the industry
  • Dual protection on the chassis through galvanised defence with an additional underbody spray
  • 60 tonne tensile stub axles
  • Oversized, packable bearings for better monitor of wear
  • 45 degree rake at the rear for increased departure and entry angles on steep creek crossings

Let your sense of adventure guide you. Bushtracker caravans are designed to be fully self-sufficient: you are only limited by your own intrepidity.

Bushtracker caravans come with a two-year warranty on construction and materials and a ten-year warranty on the chassis and frame, no matter where you are within Australia.


Ultimate Practicality


Our aim has not only been to design the first truly heavy duty caravan in Australia, but also to incorporate the highest quality. Part of this is including a range of practical, standard features to ensure the quality and longevity of your caravan.

These features include:

  • Dual spare wheels with stud patterns matchable to your tow vehicle
  • LED tail lights with reverse lights
  • One piece, composite, rot-proof, crush-proof flooring with superior insulation properties over timber
  • An array of fully off-road, class-leading suspension choices
  • Commercial 12 inch brakes or optional disc brakes available
  • Best insulated vans in Australia, featuring 25mm walls and 75mm roof

Our caravans are intelligently designed to maximise living and storage space. They feature the largest tunnel boot on the Australian market. For maximum strength and longevity we integrate a full off-road chassis in and beneath the engineering and design.


Made for the Australian Traveller


Wander beyond the limits of the caravan park with Bushtracker. Our caravans are designed to take you beyond the beaten path and into strange and beautiful country. Self-sufficient design ensures that you can wander without worry.

  • Cleverly designed, user friendly water systems enhance your experience when remote camping
  • Unique water-tight door design protects from water and dust incursion
  • Fully welded body ensures complete dust protection
  • Hardwoods or marine-grade materials used in construction to resist wear, rot, and rust
  • Class leading electronic power bank systems available, including lithium, solar, 12V, and 240V

The reliability factor of our caravans comes off the back of 20 years’ worth of relentless product testing, research, and development.

  • Unique water tight door for water and dust protection.
  • Water tight to 1.2M for crossing creeks or floodwaters
  • Dust proof construction.
  • Zero use of inferior cabinetry materials such as MDF or particle board (We only use hardwoods or marine ply).
  • Class leading electronic power bank systems available – Lithium, solar, 12V & 240V.
  • Backing of 20 years’ worth of relentless product testing, research and development.

All of our unique and customisable features aim to provide the traveller with maximum comfort, independence, and freedom. After all, the best spots are those that aren’t marked on maps, they’re the pristine and untracked wonders that you find along the way.


Join Our Community


Bushtracker is home to one of Australia’s largest off-road caravan owner’s club. Our community meets regularly to share travel experiences and forge connections. Bushtracker fosters bonds within the caravan community and values the networks we have helped create.

Our comprehensive online owner’s forum is one of the community benefits. The forum culminates a wide array of knowledge and experience relating to all aspects of off-road camping and outback travelling. The owner’s forum is a clever tool to utilise when researching a particular product or the caravan travellers’ lifestyle.

Anyone can be a member of the Bushtracker community. Membership is free and non-compulsory, be sure to stop by the forum for a browse.