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25 years of innovation without compromise. Caravans that make their own purified water with a sterilization unit, power self sufficient with solar panels and high capacity Lithium battery packs, compressor drive fridge units. Bushtracker is the ultimate self sufficient off road caravan, making you at home in the bush! Available in two models:

FULL WIDTH (custom built)

Full width to maximise interior space. Custom built to order and available in sizes from 14 to 27 feet. Single or tandem independent and load sharing suspension in spring or air bag configurations. Engineered and built to last a lifetime. Proven and tested over 20 years strong!

COMPACT WIDTH (Custom built)

Narrower width for those tight tracks to suit the intrepid traveller. Custom built to order and available in sizes from 14 to 18 feet. Single or tandem independent and load sharing suspension in spring or air bag configurations. Engineered and built to last a lifetime.

The more experienced customers are finding that Bushtracker really has no competitors in the industry, as we have over 15 different areas of engineering that no-one else offers. We are not about being the biggest, just the best.

Our aim has been to build not only the first truly heavy duty caravan in Australia, but also the finest quality caravan. We start with the best and strongest four-wheel independent and load sharing suspension in spring or airbag configurations (single axles optionally available on 14 & 15 foot models). Then for maximum strength and longevity we incorporate a full off-road chassis in and under the engineering and design.

We even add a watertight door to close over the caravan door for crossing rivers and floods. The Bushtracker is water tight to 1.2 metres! That can really save you and it is a big help in the bull dust as well!.

We offer the best quality materials and equipment available. From solid timber or marine ply laminated cupboard doors, drawers with dovetailing (no chipboard or MDF used); to aircraft style welded and double riveted aluminium structural box section exterior wall frames in 25×25 and 50x25mm, 2 and 3mm wall thickness. Why? Because it is the best! Exterior aircraft frames are not built of glued and stapled timber and neither is Bushtracker! We build custom layouts to suit your needs.

Come for a tour to our factory and see the difference! See for yourself how our vans are built to last. Bushtracker, real caravans for the outback!

Bushtracker doesn’t aim for biggest, only best. Our caravan construction combines 15 areas of engineering that is unique to our brand.

Come on down to our factory floor to see how things are done the Bushtracker way. See the entire caravan construction process, from chassis to completion.

With our fully customisable interiors, Bushtracker offers an infinite number of designs to suit your unique travel needs. Whether classic timber or modern flair, Bushtracker can fulfil your design dreams.

Happy snaps from thousands Bushtracker owners as they adventure around our magnificent country over the last two decades. Browse product variations and travel inspirations.


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Freedom to wander beyond the caravan parks

We have incorporated the self-sufficiency to wander in the Bushtracker Caravans, which means personal freedom.  Most of us want to see the Wild Australia not just the inside of caravan parks; and the well-travelled paths have few surprises or discoveries.

People come to Bushtracker for their Independence and Freedom.  The Tourist destinations all around Australia are over-booked and over-crowded, in the good weather periods for each area about 9 months out of the year.  Luckily, the best areas are not on the maps and are a matter of local knowledge only.  For the most part they are more pristine and beautiful, and as a rule are better than the sites on the tourist maps.  You will not get into most of these with a conventional caravan, they are simply not designed for off road travel.

Experience the standalone quality of Bushtracker. Some of our happy customers from the last 20 years share their love of the Bushtracker lifestyle here.

Bushtracker owners forum

Our comprehensive online owner’s forum is one of the community benefits. The forum culminates a wide array of knowledge and experience relating to all aspects of off-road camping and outback travelling. The owner’s forum is a clever tool to utilise when researching a particular product or the caravan travellers’ lifestyle.

Anyone can be a member of the Bushtracker community. Membership is free and non-compulsory, be sure to stop by the forum for a browse.


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