Voluntary Caravan Gas Safety Alert

Voluntary Caravan Gas Safety Alert

The attached is a Caravan Gas Safety Alert. It is an important legal document which requires your attention. Please forward to your Dealers or direct to customers.

The Gas Safety Alert will also be published in national papers to ensure that maximum notification to the caravan public is possible.
This only applies to caravans manufactured by you between April 2012 and August 2013.

Gas leaks can occur in fitting lines or within the appliances due to heavy vibration or shocks to the caravan.
This can be caused by one or more of the following:
� Overloading caravan
� Travelling at high speed off road
� Leaving level ride bars connected on rough road conditions
� Base of appliance not supported

It would appear that some customers are exceeding the recommended conditions of their van and do not understand what they should do when they smell gas.

Swift has undertaken rigorous testing of high level impacts. This testing exceeds the world standard. Many caravan manufacturers carry out their own testing of their vans, putting them through conditions which would be considered excessive for normal use. This is reflected in the small number of incidents. Inspection of caravans has led us to believe that a leak detector placed within the cabinetry ensures early warning to the customer if they have a gas leak.

This work has been referred to the standards committees for the benefit of the industry.

Swift believe that a leak detector should be fitted to all vans suitable for travel off bitumen/sealed roads.

This Alert is issued voluntarily by Swift to protect customers and has been forwarded to the industry safety board.
Contact with your customers will be kept in confidence and is not for commercial advantage

Your assistance is very much appreciated.
Swift Group


Please click on this (below) to see the actual GAS SAFETY ALERT… Serial Numbers and years involved….


I know have a non PDF write protected version here to copy on for you:

� IF YOU SMELL GAS Turn off the gas supply and have the system checked for gas leaks Do not ignore a gas leak
� Check that the base of the cooker is supported at front and rear.

In any case CONTACT SWIFT ON 03 93593068 or email service@swiftappliancegroup.com.au

When you contact us we will advise what should be checked and any corrective action. We will provide advice as to the need for and placement of Gas Leak Detectors.

Check our web site for any safety issues and directions issued regarding safety and performance

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