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Please note; we are full custom builders and have thousands of layouts to choose from ranging in size from 14 to 30 feet. In over 20 years of building Bushtracker caravans, no two have ever been the same as every customer has different needs and requirements.


Layouts do not affect your price. We coach you on your layout for about ten weeks or so from the time you order, while your suspension is being built and chassis components are being galvanised. Lifestyle choices and gear list can affect the layout, but you can have just about anything you want that works. However, some of the Optional Equipment can affect your Layout; so you really need to complete that list first, for your copy please CONTACT US and we will e-mail it to you.

After talking with you about gear and style of travel, we can then get a group of layouts for you to work with.  Normally, you would have a bit of a play with them, and then we would redraw it to scale to suit your needs. Layouts should really be your last concern, as we have said: You can have anything you want that works.


In the documents below there are various layouts to consider, but again they are only samples of directions to go in, there would be 20 to 50 variations for each one. One suggestion is you print off the template; then take scissors and do a bit of cut and paste to start off with, and we will redraw it to scale.


More interior photos and layout ideas can be seen on the Bushtracker owner’s forum at: PICTURE GALLERY OF HIGH END TOP FINISHES



Layout samples:


Family van layout samples (PDF download)


14 foot layout samples (PDF download)


15 foot layout samples (PDF download)


16 foot layout samples (PDF download)


17 foot layout samples (PDF download)


18 foot layout samples (PDF download)


19 foot layout samples (PDF download)


20 foot layout samples (PDF download)


21 foot layout samples (PDF download)


22 foot layout samples (PDF download)


23 foot layout samples (PDF download)


Please contact us for additional sizes and alternate layout designs.