Custom Caravan Layouts, Designed for Your Adventures


Now this is the fun part!


Uniquely, Bushtracker are a full custom manufacturer. We start with a blank canvas and then work with you to create a highly personalised caravan, tailored to your individual taste and requirements. In fact, in 25 years we are yet to create two identical Bushtrackers.


Crafting a Caravan That Reflects You


At Bushtracker, your layout design does not affect price. The idea behind Custom Caravan Layouts is not just a service but an experience we share. You can work with one of our consultants to create a unique design that is all yours and best suits your intended travelling lifestyle. If the layout fits, then we can do it. You will be amazed at just how much we can squeeze into a layout.

Having trouble knowing where to start?


See below some sample layout designs that you can download just waiting for you to add your personalised touch.’

Bushtracker Caravan Custom Layout